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Home renovations involve the redesign, remodeling, and finishing of any area throughout one’s home. The primary components involve determining which parts of the home need renovation and from there, of course, outlining and implementing said renovations. Many people attempt to tackle renovations on their own, but find that these renovations can be a lot more complicated and costly than many customers realize.


Often, professional consultation can be helpful in ensuring the appropriate renovations are implemented for the most affordable prices. Home renovations form the foundation of a home and its overall maintenance; they are critical for maintaining the integrity of a structure as time moves forward.


About Us

Brantford Home Renovation Services is a well-established company that offers full service home renovations throughout the Brantford area. In our time as a company, we have formed many trusted relationships with our clients who continue to turn to us as various service needs arise. We work to deliver top tier home renovation solutions that uphold safety standards, quality, and environmental friendliness in the process. Our motivation is driven with an underlying desire for customer satisfaction and a passion for producing top quality living spaces within homes.

Our Services

​The renovation services we choose to offer are highly curated to what we know our customers are looking for when faced with renovation projects both large and small. We guarantee that we will look at your unique situation and specifically design an intervention that is best for you. We do not move forward with one-size-fits all renovations; we have far too much experience in the industry to make such novice assumptions. We are experts in our craft and have team members with individual strengths in the wide variety of renovation services that we choose to offer. We consistently keep in the loop with the modern home renovation industry and check our inquiries daily to ensure we are in contact with current and potential clients.

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Basement Renovation

Very commonly we speak with customers and clients during an unrelated project about their unfinished basement. They often tell us that maybe they will get around to it someday, but they just can’t even consider it at this moment. However, many do not consider the value a remodeled and finished basement can add to a home. It adds a whole new room and extra space in the home and enhances value moving forward if one ever decides to sell them home to a prospective buyer.

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Kitchen Renovation

Being one of the most frequently used and occupied rooms in any given home, the renovation of a kitchen is a significant undertaking for any homeowner. Many do not realize the unique layouts that can be achieved in a kitchen remodel to structure the kitchen around how it is being used in your home. Additionally, a kitchen remodel can set the tone for the rest of the home and, as with any other remodel, drastically enhance the equity value of the home itself.

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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation can often be overlooked, which is odd considering the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the home by both those who live there and guests. A bathroom remodel is unique in that it requires consideration for flooring, ventilation, lighting, and plumbing. These components can be overwhelming, but all play a large role in the overall success in any bathroom remodel. The ability to work with what is already existing in the bathroom to save money and time is often aided greatly by having a professional remodeling consultation.

“My husband and I were overwhelmed with our renovation needs and felt like we were asking for the impossible. At Brantford Home Renovation Services they were able to accommodate every single one of our requests. More than that—they did all of this with smiling faces and outstanding customer service!” – Paige A.

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“We had been in the process of attempting to renovate our basement for years before we turned to these professionals. In an instant, they had us on the right path to achieve the space we had been dreaming of. We loved their work so much that we even had them renovate a project upstairs for us as well. I highly recommend Brantford Home Renovation Services!” – Devan T.

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“I was more than satisfied with the outstanding work done in renovating our roof by Brantford Home Renovation Services. In fact, we loved them so much we had our family enlist them for service as well. The best part of this company is their customer service, which is a wonderful compliment to the quality work they do!” – Keegan S.

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The roof is often seen as a protector of the home, and it has no easy job serving as both a protector and visual element of the exterior of one’s home. Roofs often see damage due to regular wear and tear, especially as a result of the elements outside. However, renovating one’s roof can alter not only the outward appearance of ones home, but also the structure overall. When looking at a house as a canvas, the roofing renovation can drastically change the outline and open up many possibilities in addition to being a functionally responsible renovation.

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Hardwood Flooring

The flooring of a home is quite literally the foundation of the appearance and function of the living space. It is an important component that needs to be constantly maintained and updated with the highest quality material and services in order to retain its function and aesthetic. Additionally, hardwood flooring renovations require up to date technology such as sanders and finishing materials to ensure that they have a lasting duration that is up to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Wall Installation

Wall installation is no small task as it often involves remodeling and, in many cases, removal of existing walls. In its very nature, wall installation is a messy renovation process, but with the right professionals it can be done effectively and efficiently with minimal mess. The question of materials and equipment with which to implement wall installations is one that is best answered by a professional consultant in the industry, such as those that we have on our team.

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If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do for you at Brantford Home Renovation Services, please feel free to contact us using the primary service number that we have listed on our website. This number may be used for any and all inquiries, and when you call you will be directly put into contact with a customer service representative who can move you in the right direction for your project needs. We also have an online inquiry form, which can be utilized to obtain your free quote.

We are proud to serve customers in Brantford and surrounding area including Cainsville, Newport, Mount Pleasant, Harrisburg, Onondaga, Saint George, Paris, Oakland, Lynden, Jerseyville.